Discovering opportunities in business automation is like finding hidden treasure for companies.

It means discovering ways to make operations smoother, costs lower, and products or services more competitive in the market. It's about seizing chances to innovate, adapt to the latest technology trends, and ultimately, impress customers with better experiences.

The discovery module helps in selecting the right automation projects that align with organizational goals, deliver a good value, and ensure a successful implementation.


By leveraging your organization's structure, we enable role-based access without any configuration needs. You can streamline the process of onboarding the right employees key to the success of your business optimization journey.


Calculate your business opportunities in automation by outlining your expected tangible and intangible benefits. Document centrally your use-cases by describing the user- and bot story.


To facilitate your automation journey, we provide a workflow featuring various statuses and alerts. A structured framework serves as your guiding compass throughout the process.

Business Case

Monitor the performance and impact of your automation initiatives with the Dashboard module. Visualize your business cases, key metrics, ....

Discover your automation potential.

Don't miss out how automation can transform your business.

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