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With its presence in 63 countries and a talent base of over 80,000 people from 175 nationalities, the company focuses its design, innovation, and project management skills to where mobility solutions are needed most.

bot challenge.

ALSTOM's site APSYS Leader Wim Spinoy was in search for a smart and fast way to migrate data from their current SAP to SAP S/4.

For one of his departments, the employees had received the task to migrate manually into the SAP S/4 hundreds of MIGO transactions, without an automation this would have consumed a significant amount of the business time.

bot solution.

Alstom France had provided an automation script, where an update was required to make it compliant with their SAP S/4.

A few weeks prior to the migration, daily collaboration sessions with the business allowed us to design, improve and test the migration scripts.

The thorough preparations resulted on the migration day in a flawless transfer of all required business data into the new SAP S/4 system. Allowing business to focus again on designing and creating world class mobility solutions.

bot benefits.

Saved annually
Decrease in processing time
Happy employees