Bot stories


Aerospace services five basic market segments within the aerospace industry: Turbine Engine & Systems, Mechanical Actuation, Helicopter Drive Systems, Defense and Airframe Assembly Structures.

bot challenge.

BMT Aerospace Business Transformation Director Johan Stalpaert was in search for an effective & fast way to automate the Material and Resource planning execution (MRP) for the business units at Belgium, Romania & United States.

The Planning team is responsible to calculate on a recurring timeframe the need for materials and other resources to manufacture the requested products for its customers.

This MRP-process was lengthy and time-consuming as it needed a significant manual effort to execute it across three different ERP instances.

bot solution.

The MRP was automated by a combination of back-end and some front-end automation. All this was orchestrated from Aerospace automation tool “Automation Anywhere”.

The bot will execute across the different ERP instances the steps to calculate the capacity & resources for its production units. Consequently, after review of the result another bot will put the MRP-result live, so the manufacturing operations can be initiated at the shop floor.

As the bot continues during the night, a significant gain has been achieved in overall processing time. Further, as all manual steps have been automated, yearly about 200 hours of manual erp-work can be replaced by more value adding tasks within the business.

bot benefits.

Saved annually
Decrease in processing time
Happy employees