Bot stories


Aerospace services five basic market segments within the aerospace industry: Turbine Engine & Systems, Mechanical Actuation, Helicopter Drive Systems, Defense and Airframe Assembly Structures.

bot challenge.

BMT Sales Director Emmy Kabai and key account manager Ana Croiala were in search for an effective & fast way to automate the Order reciept process of a customer’s web-portal.

The BMT Sales team is responsible for order processing, it's a series of steps and activities to receive, review and fulfilling customer orders.

It is a critical part of the manufacturing process as it ensures that customer demands are met efficiently and accurately.

The team was struggling to identify the new pdf-purchase order files and the required after-care administration.

bot solution.

A bot was implemented performing front-end automation as no API's were available for the web-portal. Additionally, back-end automation was applied to store and analyze the pdf purchase orders and generate a few reports.

The bot will download purchase orders, swiftly identify new, changed, or locked orders, and securely store them as evidence in the appropriate location. The bot ensures efficient tracking and documentation of every transaction, providing them with peace of mind and clarity in operations.

bot benefits.

Saved annually
Decrease in processing time
Happy employees